About Us

Our Story

Are there any leftovers in the kitchen? We are digital chefs and we rise to great expectations through technological savviness.

The non-profit was founded in 2020 by Graig Jaricha. We believe in the dream of a brighter Africa. An Africa were young talent is appreciated and given the opportunity to excel, not dashed of hope. It is the responsibility of each of us who have made it to give back in some aspect, this is the path we have chosen and we hope to inspire other individuals to follow suite.

We are Principled

Our driving principle is “hunhu”, commonly referred to as “ubuntu” in Southern Africa. Hunhu is the belief that a person can hold themself to a higher standard regardless of whether they are being watched or not. It is the basic ability to live up to a strong moral conduct. We live by this principle and expect the same of the people we work with.

Super Efficient

We efficiently set and manage expectations with our clients. We have project managers who coordinate the effort in regards to deadlines and deliverables.

Deeply Committed

If it has not been said already, we are deeply committed to the work we do. Our work can be found on powerful global platforms such as Amazon, Wal-mart, eBay, Alibaba and more. A poor reflection on our clients is a poor reflection on us.

Highly Skilled

Because of our hunhu, we don’t like to brag, but our CEO is proud of the team at Shandai. We groom highly skilled individuals in to courteous professionals with vision and goals. They have their our ambitions and once they have honed their talent they carry on to achieve great dreams of their own.